Monday, 31 October 2011

A typical Halloween related post.

Due to an ever building mountain of university work and a week of illness, I've gotten a little behind on my blog posts (as you may have noticed) but, I'm healthy and (touch wood) on top of uni work now so my blog posts are decidedly worthy of my full attention again.

The weekend allowed me to bring out my creative and somewhat slightly skeletal side in the form of Halloween Makeup for our suitably themed Halloween House Party. Everyone who knows me will know that I am by no means a fan of dressing up for events such as Halloween, I somehow manage to always look awkward, even in a room full of similarly dressed people. So this year I decided to stay within my comfort zone and create the key feature of my outfit with makeup (:
A practice run on Thursday evening took me 3 hours, but successfully got me motivated to compile the remaining parts of my costume.


The practice turned out better than originally expected so I kept the basic design for the actual costume attempt the following Saturday. With makeup extended into the hair, down to the neck and chest, the costume simply consisted of a black long sleeved top and black leggings on which a dismantled Skeleton Halloween decoration was carefully stuck with double sided tape. There is literally nothing that double sided tape cannot do! The lighting isn't the best in the following image, but you get the general idea (:

Final Design

Complete Outfit

And of course, it isn't ever Halloween without a Pumpkin or two. I have to admit that I got very frustrated with my Pumpkin, purely down to the fact that I tried to do a fairly intricate design on a very small pumpkin, but after a few minor mistakes (the loss of a pumpkin tooth or two) the overall outcome wasn't too bad, just a little rough around the edges/(eyebrows)...

Happy Halloween! (:

Jodie x

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  1. love the pumpkin, and when you said black top and leggings i was just picturing just a black top... and black leggings... but i look down, an woah now.... you are in fact, a full skeleton. scary x