Sunday, 2 October 2011

Third and final year approaches..

Tomorrow is the first day of my final year of University, I have mixed emotions about going back but I won't get into that now. My timetable is pretty much non existent, meaning I'm paying over £3500 a year to be taught for 8 hours a week..
Seeing as it's my last day off and I still have work to finish up, I should have really been dedicating my day to finishing off my projects (that was my intention), however it didn't really quite turn out that way... Instead I sat in the park in the sun and had lunch with a friend and spent the rest of my day drawing/doodling.. Not very productive but satisfying all the same. I'll attach my drawings, just so I have something to show for my day of failed uni work.

Batman (Obviously)

Paramore - Let the flames begin lyrics


In case you couldn't guess.. Spiderman.
Jodie x

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