Wednesday, 31 August 2011

If only...

Sandbanks Harbour, Dorset.
Another one of my photos. I thought I'd post it seeing as I have been sat staring at it for a while now, wishing I was there rather than sat in my cold dining room doing analyses for my Uni projects...

Jodie x

I feel like I'm forgetting something?

I finally went to see the Inbetweeners movie this week - probably a little later than I should have seeing as my brother appears in it as an extra. I thought waiting so long to see it made me a bad sister on some levels, but I managed to top that when, completely lost in the film, I forgot I was meant to be looking out for his part and completely missed it. Guess I know what the next DVD I'll be buying is.
I think it's going to be a little strange seeing my brother in a film (it is literally a tiny extras part) but still, it's not something I ever expected to see. (I'll let you know what it was like when I watch it again and remember to look for him)
Maybe one day he'll make it big and buy me my dream New York apartment... Dreaming a little too much?

Writing for my book has ceased to a halt this week (much to my disappointment).. I realised that I couldn't get all my uni work done and write a book at the same time - who knew?
So I've now had to incorporate specific time slots for writing into my work plan - I'm so over organised sometimes, but it is literally the only way I get things done.
My severe lack of motivation is suffering at the moment, I found a writing competition in the latest issue of Elle, so obviously all I can now think about it ideas for that - I have until the end of September, but writing 900 words for Elle is so much more fun than a research folder...
Must. Not. Lose. Motivati.....

Jodie x

Thursday, 25 August 2011


GCSE results today! - Not for me of course, but my brother just got his. Good results all around, A*'s, A's, B's, you get the idea. I'm a very proud sister, but he has now taken over from me having the best results in the family, damn his cleverness!
It feels like only a year or so ago that I was opening my results - not 4, they came when I was on holiday so I had to wait a week longer - to which point the stress levels were unbelievably high. That little white envelope that sat on the door mat when we returned home the following Saturday was the scariest little white envelope I had ever seen and it took me well over an hour to gather the courage and to stop shaking enough to open them. A's and B's - weeks of stress for nothing.

It always amazes me how things that seem like the possible end of the world at the time, can seem so insignificant just a short while later - now I would love to be sitting GCSE's in place of my degree work (I'm not sure if this is based on difficulty level or just the fact sitting GCSE's would mean I was 16 again). I guess it just shows that sometimes it's hard to focus on the bigger picture when everything and everyone around you is focused on that one thing.

Jodie x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Picture perfect

I mentioned in my description of myself that I have an interest in photography, usually anything I photograph gets stored away in a folder on my laptop and never see's the light of day again - usually because I never think it's good enough, but I've decided to post a few on here. After all, what's the point in me taking photos if they're never going to be seen?
I won't bombard you with them all now, I'll subtly drop them in between posts occasionally, hopefully you'll like them!

This is my personal favorite, it was taken just under a year ago in Cornwall in Porthleven, I love the colours, the shapes and more personally the memories that I can associate with it.

Jodie x

Porthleven, Cornwall.

Any excuse to write...

In an attempt to get motivated to do my Uni work today, I have spent the best part of my day editing and adding to the first chapter of my book so far. Thought I'd post a small snippet on here, it's still a little rough around the edges but any opinions or thoughts would be appreciated!

'...Before she could finish, the room behind them turned to what looked like glass, her parents and Katie were being dragged further into the room by something Jess could not see, and faster than she could blink the two other men vanished, the door concealed itself and was nowhere to be seen.

The man that had been holding Jess let go, and having to support her own weight took her by surprise. Holding the chair for support she stepped back, attempting to regain her breath felt like trying to inhale shards of ice. Each breath pierced her lungs as she tried to understand what had just happened, what she had just seen. Or had she seen it?
Thoughts raced in her mind as she tried to piece the scene back together. She wanted to believe that she had passed out momentarily and that this was a dream, but the silence, becoming almost deafening after the chaos that had just enveloped her, was a painful reassurance of reality. She felt a sharp scratch on the side of her neck and then everything went black.'

Now to crack on with the Uni work, wish me luck!

Jodie x

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Procrastination, distraction and inspiration.

Another day of careful planning completely out the window.
I woke up this morning as a dedicated student armed with a plan of what work to do to stay up to date with projects but got sidetracked along the way...
On the bright side however, I have made a decent start on this, uploaded the photos of my work as promised in the previous post and written a few new pages for my book - productive, if my degree was in blog organisation and writing projects - slightly less productive on the work front, but there's always tomorrow (becoming a little to attached to that theory).

Oh, I also updated my iPod during my procrastination of work. My music choice is shall we say, varied? However, I have a love for acoustic and folk when I'm trying to work/write. I find it strangely inspiring and the lyrics bring out emotions I wasn't even aware of.
Here's one that's been on replay for the majority of my day, enjoy!

Jodie x

Rediscovered passion

My first ever post, I make no promises as to how consistent this will be, or how interesting for that matter, however providing I maintain this enthusiasm and excitement (equal to that of a small child on Christmas morning) I shall try my best to be a dedicated blogger!

My newly rekindled love for writing has come from a few recent events, neither of which have unfortunately filled me with joy. The first, a messy break up from a year long relationship with a girl I - in hindsight, stupidly - revolved a year of my life around. And the second, the harsh realisation that despite being two years through a three year degree course, it is no longer what I want from life.
So after two years of time, effort and incredible amounts of emotion I have managed to result in two things that are no longer desirable or fueled by passion - time to make a change I think?

I am dedicated to finishing my degree however, it is not completely irrelevant and I do enjoy it; Media styling for music, film and photography (I'll post photos of my work soon) it's just not as specific as I now wish it was.
My passion lies in writing, I think it always has, it's just unfortunately taken me a little too long to realise it.

I am currently working on a book (1 chapter down, 12 to go...), I've picked up with my poetry blog again and invested in a journal that hasn't left my side since i bought it, so despite the events that lead to my rekindled love for writing being mostly negative, this excitement blows all the negativity right out of the water!

Jodie x