Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Any excuse to write...

In an attempt to get motivated to do my Uni work today, I have spent the best part of my day editing and adding to the first chapter of my book so far. Thought I'd post a small snippet on here, it's still a little rough around the edges but any opinions or thoughts would be appreciated!

'...Before she could finish, the room behind them turned to what looked like glass, her parents and Katie were being dragged further into the room by something Jess could not see, and faster than she could blink the two other men vanished, the door concealed itself and was nowhere to be seen.

The man that had been holding Jess let go, and having to support her own weight took her by surprise. Holding the chair for support she stepped back, attempting to regain her breath felt like trying to inhale shards of ice. Each breath pierced her lungs as she tried to understand what had just happened, what she had just seen. Or had she seen it?
Thoughts raced in her mind as she tried to piece the scene back together. She wanted to believe that she had passed out momentarily and that this was a dream, but the silence, becoming almost deafening after the chaos that had just enveloped her, was a painful reassurance of reality. She felt a sharp scratch on the side of her neck and then everything went black.'

Now to crack on with the Uni work, wish me luck!

Jodie x

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