Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Procrastination, distraction and inspiration.

Another day of careful planning completely out the window.
I woke up this morning as a dedicated student armed with a plan of what work to do to stay up to date with projects but got sidetracked along the way...
On the bright side however, I have made a decent start on this, uploaded the photos of my work as promised in the previous post and written a few new pages for my book - productive, if my degree was in blog organisation and writing projects - slightly less productive on the work front, but there's always tomorrow (becoming a little to attached to that theory).

Oh, I also updated my iPod during my procrastination of work. My music choice is shall we say, varied? However, I have a love for acoustic and folk when I'm trying to work/write. I find it strangely inspiring and the lyrics bring out emotions I wasn't even aware of.
Here's one that's been on replay for the majority of my day, enjoy!

Jodie x

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