Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Rediscovered passion

My first ever post, I make no promises as to how consistent this will be, or how interesting for that matter, however providing I maintain this enthusiasm and excitement (equal to that of a small child on Christmas morning) I shall try my best to be a dedicated blogger!

My newly rekindled love for writing has come from a few recent events, neither of which have unfortunately filled me with joy. The first, a messy break up from a year long relationship with a girl I - in hindsight, stupidly - revolved a year of my life around. And the second, the harsh realisation that despite being two years through a three year degree course, it is no longer what I want from life.
So after two years of time, effort and incredible amounts of emotion I have managed to result in two things that are no longer desirable or fueled by passion - time to make a change I think?

I am dedicated to finishing my degree however, it is not completely irrelevant and I do enjoy it; Media styling for music, film and photography (I'll post photos of my work soon) it's just not as specific as I now wish it was.
My passion lies in writing, I think it always has, it's just unfortunately taken me a little too long to realise it.

I am currently working on a book (1 chapter down, 12 to go...), I've picked up with my poetry blog again and invested in a journal that hasn't left my side since i bought it, so despite the events that lead to my rekindled love for writing being mostly negative, this excitement blows all the negativity right out of the water!

Jodie x

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