Thursday, 25 August 2011


GCSE results today! - Not for me of course, but my brother just got his. Good results all around, A*'s, A's, B's, you get the idea. I'm a very proud sister, but he has now taken over from me having the best results in the family, damn his cleverness!
It feels like only a year or so ago that I was opening my results - not 4, they came when I was on holiday so I had to wait a week longer - to which point the stress levels were unbelievably high. That little white envelope that sat on the door mat when we returned home the following Saturday was the scariest little white envelope I had ever seen and it took me well over an hour to gather the courage and to stop shaking enough to open them. A's and B's - weeks of stress for nothing.

It always amazes me how things that seem like the possible end of the world at the time, can seem so insignificant just a short while later - now I would love to be sitting GCSE's in place of my degree work (I'm not sure if this is based on difficulty level or just the fact sitting GCSE's would mean I was 16 again). I guess it just shows that sometimes it's hard to focus on the bigger picture when everything and everyone around you is focused on that one thing.

Jodie x

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  1. did you write that A+ in lipstick??? CRAZY WOMAN! .....