Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lets dance to joy division.

Tomorrow my brother is coming to Southampton for the night as we have tickets to see The Wombats at Southampton Guildhall. I haven't been to a gig since I saw Ed Sheeran in June, for someone who loves live music as much as I do, 3 months is far too long. I'm having slight withdrawal symptoms so as you can imagine, I'm a little bit excited, I feel like a child. I'm looking forward to seeing my brother too (not that I will inform him of this, although we both know he secretly misses me too).
I'll make sure I take my camera and fill it with ridiculous amounts of photos and a select few video recordings. I'll post some photos and videos on here at the weekend, we're planning on getting there really early - can't be dealing with standing at the back - so hopefully there'll be some good photos to show off. Although if the weather is anything like it was today, I'm not looking forward to standing in a room full of hundreds of people which will effectively feel like a sauna...
Aside from the live music, the atmosphere is what gets me most excited. That feeling of tension and electricity in a room full of people all there for one reason. The pure excitement and anticipation of hearing the lyrics ring out around the room, the bass that you can feel vibrating through the whole of you and the euphoric feeling when the crowd sing the lyrics back to the artists in a moment of complete unity. Personally, I don't think there is a better experience.
This 'magic' is lost however, as soon as the lights come on at the end. Then all you're faced with is a room of tired, but still buzzing, hot, and unfortunately sweaty people. That image removes some of the glamour from the experience, as the mad rush for the door to get that suddenly precious fresh air results in being crushed between people who you would quite happily suggest should go and take a shower, immediately.

Lets dance to joy division, probably my favorite Wombats song, enjoy! (:

Jodie x

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