Friday, 16 September 2011

Oh student discount, how I love thee <3

My summer is officially almost at an end, I'm travelling back to Southampton for uni on Sunday - I don't start back until 3rd October - but 2 weeks of catching up, going out and finishing projects is definitely needed.

To mark the start of a new uni year I decided yesterday that I needed some new additions to my wardrobe... My small shopping trip to get some jeans and maybe a new top however, turned into a £160 spend (oops). Everything was so nice though! All shops seem to have decided that as soon as August is finished no woman in the country wears t-shirts, so naturally I bought mens tops, personally I prefer them... I've convinced myself that all this spending is perfectly acceptable though because I saved over £30 with student discount. Yay for being a student!

All my work is coming to an end, just finishing up the final things. I've been studying articles in ELLE magazine closely this week in order to produce analyses, and I've developed a love for the work of Alice Wignall - a Freelance Journalist who recent wrote a piece for ELLE. The way she writes so relaxed and personal, it's captivating and really draws you in, so for once, I enjoyed writing the analysis.

I've been putting off packing all week, I seem to convince myself that it won't take long, then I remember the car load of stuff I managed to bring home with me back in May... So I'll be tackling that tomorrow - no doubt it will be utter chaos, I think I'll do photo updates as I slowly re-pack my life into boxes and cases for the LAST TIME. I can't believe this is my final year! I'm starting to hear the question "So, what do you plan on doing after uni?" In all honesty, I currently have no idea. I want to write but what I'm going to do exactly is beyond me, so I'll get back to you on that one...

I thought I'd leave you with one of my 'end of summer' favorites, Helena Beat by Foster the People.. It brings back all the memories of summer and is also upbeat enough to get me excited about starting back at uni, going out, catching up with friends. It has also provided motivation for work over the last 2 weeks, so it's doing pretty well on my list of current favorite songs.

Jodie x

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