Friday, 30 September 2011

We danced (and jumped) to joy division...

I am completely exhausted but thought I would post whilst I'm still on a high from the gig.
Despite being bruised, achy, beer/cider soaked and extremely tired, The Wombats were incredible. There was seemingly endless EXTREMELY unnecessary mosh pits... At The Wombats? For the support acts? It was all a little bizarre and has resulted in my new covering of bruises, which may I add, were not intentionally inflicted. I was mosh pit dodging as best I could - unsuccessfully for the most part.

The average age was around 15, which made me feel a little older and is also a possible explanation for the over excitement. I spent the whole gig on my own after being dragged into and then out of a mosh pit and losing my brother (he is now found).
The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was on such a high, the long waits between acts got tensions up a little but subsequently just added to the excitement when the band finally appeared on stage. Hearing the rowdy crowd suddenly slip into an acoustic mass singing of lyrics was definitely something to remember. I always forget how big Guildhall is inside and The Wombats managed to captivate everyone in every inch of that room.
I only managed to take a few photos and part of one video, purely and simply because if I didn't have my hands at my sides ready to grab on to people, I would most likely be somewhere on a floor completely trampled by now after numerous people decided to run at me. I unfortunately chose safety over photos (boring I know!)
In my last post about this gig, I mentioned the mad rush at the end and the being trapped between people you would rather not be trapped between. Ironically I was the person who was trapped today, between two people who, shall we say.. Have not quite come to realise the uses of deodorant. That was a situation I was quick to escape from.
One of the best gigs I have been to in a long while and I would definitely recommend going to see them if you ever get a chance.
I'm having trouble uploading the video, but I'll get it posted asap (:

Jodie x

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  1. funny cos of your progression from front to back and ending up squinting